Massachusetts Psychiatric Services offers a nasal spray esketamine treatment for patients who have a diagnosis of:

  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Treatment-Resistant Depression

This is an FDA approved treatment for treatment resistant depression. A third of the patients do not respond to oral antidepressants. Esketamine can improve the mood much quicker than the traditional oral antidepressants.

It could work where some of the antidepressants have failed to do so. The treatments are provided in our office under the psychiatrists’ supervision.

For screening and scheduling for esketamine please call 508.418.6888 x 108 or send an email to

Below is a PHQ-9 Depression Questionnaire, to be completed. If you think you are scoring for a significant depression, contact us at the extension below.

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508.418.6888 x 108

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Client experience with Esketamine treatment

How did you feel prior to starting treatments?
a. “Before treatment, I felt very depressed and frustrated. I thought that my treatment of many years, which had been very effective, had stopped working. I was anxious, had no appetite, couldn’t sleep, and had no desire to live.”

How did you feel during the treatments?
a. “During the treatment I felt relaxed. Sometimes I couldn’t walk well, but in the end, everything went back to normal.”

What are your thoughts now, since completing the treatments?
a. “After the treatments I am feeling very well. I have energy, I am happy and with many plans.”